Bitcoin Rates 2024: Broken Bitcoin’s record in the beginning of the new year, ETF got a tremendous bounce from the hope of launching

Bitcoin Rates 2024: In the present time, many people have invested their money in Bitcoin. In such a situation, along with the reception of the new year, there has been a tremendous increase in the prices of bitcoin, due to which hope is being told here. That in the coming time, there may be a lot of increase in prices, this increase is coming up with the launch of American Securities and Exchange Offer i.e. Spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund, due to which Bitcoin is getting a lot of increase. Today we are going to tell you why bitcoin has booured and how to see returns in the future.

Crossed the best figure in 2022
If we look at the last time, the world’s largest cryptocurrency bitcoin had a mark of $ 45000 in April 2022 and on Tuesday, the price of bitcoin was seen to be 6 percent jump, due to which it reaches 45000 dollars in the recent times. The rate of Bitcoin is the highest in the price of its above in 21 months.

Bounce was also seen in other tokens
Along with Bitcoin, there was a lot of jump in other tokens, due to which there are very good returns in them. In the present time, there has been a jump of 3.8 percent in the etherium, along with 7 percent in Solan and in Kardonna There has been a boom of five percent.

ETF approval time
According to the writer and received reports, it is being told here that due to the discussions of support Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund Launching, the price of bitcoin is getting a lot of increase and in recent times Bitcoin is trading at its highest level, Along with this, SSC of America has to approve 21 shares ETF by January 10, then it will have to be rejected, all the information can be told on Wednesday.

Asset management companies can get approval
According to the report received, it is being told that asset management companies will be first approved to bring support Bitcoin ETF, after this, companies will tell in the regulatory file on Thursday or Friday that according to market experts, SSC decided on ETF this week Will take Along with this, many companies can launch it on January 10, including Black Rock Asset Management Wine Pick Valkari Investment, Vitwaiz, Wisdom Tree, Fidelity.

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