All interested eminent artists of the district can participate in the competition.

In accordance with the instructions given by the government, it has been proposed to celebrate the upcoming ‘Sanskriti Utsav-2023’ under the Uttar Pradesh festival ‘Our Culture-Our Identity’, the dates of which are as follows: – Competition of village, panchayat, block and tehsil level artists (25 It is proposed to be celebrated from 30th December, 2023). The competition of selected artists of Tehsil level i.e. district level program (from 01 to 05 January, 2024) is proposed to be organized at the district headquarters. The competition of selected artists at the district level (from January 10 to 15, 2024) is proposed to be organized at the divisional headquarters.

Similarly, it is proposed to organize a competition for selected artists at the divisional level (from January 20 to 21, 2024) at the state capital headquarters, Lucknow. It is proposed to organize the rehearsal of the victorious participants of the said competition held in Lucknow (on January 23, 2024). On the occasion of “Uttar Pradesh Parv”, the presentations, honors and awards of all the finally selected participants are proposed to be organized in Lucknow (from January 24 to 26, 2024).

In the said competition, all the interested eminent artists of the district like Kinnar Samaj, Divyangjan Samaj, Trade Board, industrial sector organizations, urban/rural areas etc. can participate. All participants can participate in the following genres like singing-classical singing, Khayal, Dhrapada, sub-classical singing-Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Chaita, Jhula, Hori, Tappa, folk singing-Kajri, Chaiti, Jhula, Birha, Alha, Nirgun, folk songs, qawwali etc., easy musical songs, ghazal bhajans, patriotic songs and others, musical instruments – vocal instruments, flute, shehnai, harmonium, stringed instruments, sitar, violin, guitar, sarangi, veena etc. percussion instruments, tabla, pakhawaj, southern Indian Mridangam, Ghatam etc., Tribal musical instruments/folk instruments, Dafla, Nagara, Dukkad, Madal, Shehnai, Dhol-Tasha, Dholak, Naal, Chimta, Hudka, Singha etc., Dances:- Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Mohini Attam and others. Classical dance, folk dance – Dhobia, Ahirwa, Karma, Shaila, Domkach, Akhet dance and other ethnic dances etc., folk theater – including Nautanki, Ramleela, Rasleela, Swang, Bhagat, Bahurupiya, street drama etc.

The terms and conditions of participation in ‘Sanskriti Utsav-2023’ are as follows: – All participants must be residents of Uttar Pradesh, for which Aadhar card of the participant will be the standard. To participate in the competition, a resident of the concerned district can participate at the competition venues within the area of his own district. Online registration is mandatory to participate in the competition. Online registration will be done on the portal prescribed by the Culture Department. A participant can participate in only one mode. Participating artists, as team leaders, will submit complete details of all their supporting artists like name, address, Aadhar card, mobile number, two passport size photographs separately. If any artiste participates with any other team, then that artiste will not be included as the leader of the other team. All artists will have to make their own arrangements for accompaniment artists and instruments. There will be only group presentations in patriotic songs, folk songs, folk dances, tribal dances and folk instruments, and only solo presentations in all other genres. All participating artists can participate in only one group presentation in addition to the solo presentation.

The accompanist accompanying the participating artistes can accompany more than one troupe, but extra points will be given to the accompanist accompanying the same troupe. Apart from the proposed genres, no other presentation will be accepted. During the presentation of the patriotic group song, the participants will remain in their assigned positions and will be able to go back to their previous positions when the jury directs them. In classical dance and folk dance, appropriate costumes related to that genre are mandatory. Uniform is mandatory even for group presentations. The determination of attire will be informed separately. All presentations should be traditional and dignified, otherwise the presentation may be rejected by the jury. It is mandatory for the participant/participating team to present a brief description of their presentation in writing to the jury before their presentation. Presentations that hurt the sentiments of any political party, religion, sect, caste or individual will be completely prohibited. Use of incendiary and hazardous materials is prohibited in solo or group dance. For detailed information related to the program ‘Sanskriti Utsav-2023’, you can contact the District Information Office, Sultanpur located in the District Panchayat Complex.

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