A total of 45812 cases were settled in Rashtriya Lok Adalat.

Sultanpur 09 December / As per the instructions of the Honorable Supreme Court, New Delhi and the Honorable National Legal Services Authority, New Delhi, National Lok Adalat was organized under the chairmanship of Honorable District Judge Shri Jai Prakash Pandey from 10.00 am today, Saturday, 09.12.2023. Which was inaugurated by the Honorable Sir at 10:30 am with the lighting of the lamp in the meeting hall. Apart from the above, the cases scheduled by all the presiding officers in their respective courts were disposed of.

In this Rashtriya Lok Adalat, a total of 122 matrimonial cases and 09 matrimonial pre-litigation cases were settled through settlement agreement by Chief Justice of Family Court, Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Ansari and Additional Chief Justice, Ms. Ankita Shukla, Mrs. Madhu Gupta, and Neelima Singh. . 37 motor accident claim petitions were disposed of by Shri Ramesh Singh, Chairman Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. In this Lok Adalat, the Additional District Judges include 03 cases by Additional District Judge Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, 01 case by Mr. Abhay Srivastava, 03 cases by Mr. Tribhuvan Nath Paswan, 84 cases by Mr. Ankur Sharma, 01 case by Mrs. Ekta Verma, 01 case by Shri Jalal Mohd. Akbar and 02 cases by Shri Anupam Shaurya and apart from this, a total of 1835 cases related to pre-litigation bank recovery were settled by all the above mentioned Additional District Judges, in which a settlement of Rs. 394246398/- was made in the loan related cases of banks. to be done.

Apart from the above, 2708 cases by Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr. Bateshwar Kumar, 20 cases by Civil Judge Senior Division, Mr. Yogesh Kumar Yadav, and 904 cases by Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mrs. Siddiqui Saima Jarrar Alam, Additional Civil Judge Senior Division, Smt. 551 cases by Kiran Gaud, Civil Judge (Superior Division) FTC 310 cases by Ms. Ankita Singh, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, 435 cases by Smt. Shaleen Mishra, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, 701 cases by Ms. Pomela Srivastava, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, 305 cases were disposed by Mr. Amit Singh, 16 cases by Civil Judge Kadipur Mr. Kshitish Pandey, 20 cases by Mr. Shamveel Rizwan Civil Judge Additional Division North, and 37 cases under Section 138 NI Act by Mr. Arun Kumar Srivastava Special Judicial Magistrate. Apart from this, 126 cases were disposed by Shri Santosh Kumar Verma, Domestic Violence Court.

Apart from the above, 22104 cases were resolved by District Magistrate Sultanpur and all the presiding officers working under him and 15365 cases were resolved by District Magistrate Amethi and all the presiding officers working under him.

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