Xiaomi is going to launch its first electric car, which can compete with Tesla?

Whenever it comes to electric car, there is only one thing in mind that it is difficult to buy such an expensive car, but now it is not going to be difficult but it is going to be easy. Mobile companies in the market have now started making electric cars also, mobile The manufacturing company can now bring cheap electric vehicles, but for the information of you people, let us tell you that a big game is going to happen soon. Yes, there are some companies which are going to jump into the electric car segment, after the arrival of these companies, electric vehicles can be seen in the market at affordable prices.

Xiaomi’s name has been coming to the fore for a long time now that the company may soon enter the electric car segment. Now recently Xiaomi has received approval from NDRC in China to manufacture electric vehicles, but the company will still need approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information to start production. Are cheap electric cars coming like mobile phones?

Now the thing to be seen is that after jumping into the electric car segment, when will Xiaomi launch its first electric car in India? It is hoped that just as Xiaomi, understanding the demand of Indian customers, provided phones with good features at low prices, now in the same way Xiaomi can help people who are troubled by expensive electric cars to fulfill their dream of buying an electric car at a cheap price. Is.

Has Xiaomi announced the launch of this?

Would like to tell you that Xiaomi has already given information about its first electric car Modena (codenamed MS11), this will be the company’s electric sedan, which is being launched in the market at a very affordable price.

Xiaomi is so excited to make electric cars that the company is going to invest 10 billion dollars (82,589 crores) in a decade. We would also like to tell you that the company aims to start mass production of the first electric car in the first half of 2024. Xiaomi has set up a factory in Beijing, where 2 lakh electric cars can be made in a year!

Can all these mobile companies also make electric cars?

Not only Xiaomi but Apple and Sony have also expressed interest in making electric cars.