Developed India Sankalp Yatra came as a help to the common man: MP

Sultanpur. Former Union Minister and Sultanpur MP Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, on the second day of her visit today, resolved a large number of public complaints through Jan Chaupal at Karaundikala Community Health Center in Kadipur assembly constituency. Out of 167 public complaints, the maximum number of cases were related to the disabled. For which Mrs. Gandhi asked the project director present in Chaupal to immediately provide accommodation to the disabled. Apart from this, instructions have been given to the concerned to resolve the disputes related to revenue, police, electricity, ration card. But 37 complaints were resolved. Mrs. Gandhi was told that neither emergency services are conducted at the Community Health Center nor doctors are appointed on time.

On this, she assured the people that CSC will be organized soon. Addressing here, Mrs. Gandhi said that I have come as a mother to help everyone. Sultanpur is my family. I want to see everyone happy. I work honestly. She also asked the administration to take interest in resolving public complaints in an honest and transparent manner. After this, Mrs. Gandhi inaugurated the Sankalp Prerna Small Scale Industries in Mangarava village. Here Mrs. Gandhi demonstrated the automatic machines manufactured by the women of the group. Inspected the nutritious food unit being prepared by the DDO. He was told by the DDO that Vidyut Sakhi has started the work of meter reading in 600 out of 979 villages of the district. 700 Didi Bank Sakhi and 811 Didi are working as banking correspondents. Smt. Gandhi reached Tawakalpur Nagara village. Welcoming the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, she has given instructions to register the deprived citizens and benefit from the schemes of the Central and State Government. So far, Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra has taken place in 265 villages in Sultanpur district. Here the people complained to the MP about the working style of the Surapur police post in-charge. The officials of the Kadipur Trade Board gave a memorandum to the Kadipur Nagar Panchayat to free them from encroachment. On which the MP Mrs. Gandhi assured action against both. While talking to journalists, MP Manaka Sanjay Gandhi said that BJP’s massive victory in three states is due to the good governance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mrs. Gandhi said that the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra has come as a help to the common man. She said that this Yatra is proving to be a boon for the villagers who could not get the benefits of more than 100 schemes of the government. Mrs. Gandhi said that Prime Minister’s Drone Didi scheme will soon provide employment opportunities to 15 thousand women. Mrs. Gandhi said that there is a plan to provide 15 thousand houses to the eligible beneficiaries of the district with disabilities. The process of which has been started. Mrs. Gandhi informed the people. And instructions have been given to the district administration to cover the open wells of the district which are becoming a threat to the lives of animals. After this, MP Smt. Gandhi went to the residence of BJP leader Shravan Mishra at Padela and expressed his condolences on the demise of his father. Today, MP Along with MLA Rajesh Gautam, Cooperative Bank President Yogendra Pratap Singh, Nagar Panchayat President Anand Jaiswal, MP representative Ranjit Kumar, former MLA Ramchandra Chaudhary, Block Chief representative Sarvesh Mishra, Media in-charge Vijay Singh Raghuvanshi, Fateh Bahadur Singh, Sunil Soni, Lalmani Singh, Vicky Verma, Shailendra Pratap Singh, Manoj Singh, Kamlesh Mishra, Bhupendra Pathak, Hanuman Maurya, Anil Tiwari etc. were present.